1 Large Pen Available September 1st 2020


Large Pen with shelter
Boarding includes:
Large outside runs (approx. 75x100 )with 12x12 shelter.

Lighted Arena 125 X 275

80ft. Round Pen

Use of Arena and Round Pen is a perk, so if we are using it for Roping or Training Young Horses you will have to accommodate to us.

All other costs will be at the expense of owner such as Vet, farrier, worming, ect.

Additional Charges if your horse requires supplements or anything that is not of normal feeding.

Coggins and all annual shots are due before bringing to our
facility. Will need copy of these shot records from your Vet.

$450 monthly with full service ( we provide Feed & Hay. We feed Total Equine & Purina Impact Performance Feed only)

If you haul your horse off the property you will be responsible for providing your own feed and hay while you are gone. (Shows, Clinics, Trail Rides ect.) We will not provide feed and hay for travel.

$400 monthly, you provide Feed & Hay

Temporary Board (less than a month at a time) is $18 per day

Overnight Board $30 per night 

Extra services and charges
$25 per month for Trailer Parking. $250 for a year if you want to prepay. That will not be prorated and refunded if you leave before 12 months are up.

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Round Pen & Arena