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At our facility horses come first. Most of the time Horses eat before I do. Your horse will be taken care of as if it were my own. We are Not a “Show Barn” But  it is VERY Important to me that each horse looks like it could be in the Show pen. We stay small in size so that I can have a life outside of here at my Shows.

ONE HORSE PER PEN  I will not allow any other animal in the pen.

NO HORSES with Continuous Maintenance other than a supplement or two that can be added to feed. WILL NOT soak hay. No Chronic Problems such as Laminitis , founder etc. Our pens are outside, although they have shelter, the pens get rain and some mud.

NO HORSES with Behavioral Problems. I hire high school kids to come help with cleaning when I'm gone, they do not need to be scared when they go in the pens.


***Stall Inside Barn*** Not Available

$700 Monthly Full Care Service Only

12x20 inside stall with 12x30 outside run

 Clean barn and stalls with Large Tack Area, Fly System, Wash Area with Hot and Cold Running Water. Guard light outside barn so it's never dark for unloading on late nights.

Due to the constant rise in cost of Feed and Hay I have been forced to make some changes in Boarding Cost.

Outside Paddock with Shelter

Paddock is 40x65 with a 15x17 shelter closed in on 3 sides.

$450.00 Monthly. Owner supplies Feed & Hay

$550.00 Monthly. Full Board -Feed and Alfalfa Pellets provided.


  1 Large  Outside Paddock with shelter 
Large outside runs approximately  80 x 80 with 12x12 shelter.

$450.00  Monthly. Owner provides Feed & Hay!

$550.00 Full Board (We supply Feed and Alfalfa Pellets)


1 Extra Large Paddock with Shelter

Pen is approximately 170 x 85 with 14x12 shelter

$550.00 Monthly Customer provides Feed & Hay

$650.00 For Full Care includes Feed and Alfalfa Pellets

Temporary Board (less than a month at a time) is $30 per day

Overnight Board  $40 per night  RV Hookup $35 per night

Use of Lighted Arena 125 X 275 New Beautiful Quality Ground!!!! Excellent Footing for Any Discipline! 

80ft. Round Pen with excellent deep sand. 

Arena and Round Pen is a perk, so if we are using it for Roping, Training, Shows or clinics you will have to accommodate to us. You are certainly welcome to bring your horse in and ride while we take breaks or ride around us.

All other costs will be at the expense of owner such as Vet, farrier, worming, etc. 

Coggins and all annual shots are due before bringing to our 
facility. Will need copy of these shot records from your Vet.

Extra services and charges

Daily supplements or medications will be an extra $50 per month

$25 per month for Trailer Parking. $250 for a year if you want to prepay. That will not be prorated and refunded if you leave before 12 months are up.

If your horse requires a barn stall for injury or rehab it is an extra $15 a day for every day in the stall IF A STALL IS AVAILABLE. I am not responsible for providing a stall.

Handling horses for Farrier $25 per horse.

Farrier can retrieve your horse and place back in pen if you prefer.

If you haul your horse off the property you will be responsible for providing your own feed and hay while you are gone. (Shows, Clinics, Trail Rides etc.) Board does not cover feed and hay for travel. 
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Round Pen & Arena