Total Equine Before and Afters

I am a Fan !!!! I started Total Equine back in October 2012 on a
brood mare I was getting back in shape to rope on. I did not take
before pictures at first  because I figured all the hype on
RFDTV was surely bull. An injury, May of 2012, put me on the
couch for about 3 months so I talked my husband into letting me
have cable so I could watch the roping programs which is how I
learned about Total Equine. We were spending a small fortune on
feed as I could not find any feed that I could feed the recommened
amounts suggested on the bag. Nor could I feed any of the feeds without adding tons
of supplimented fat and coat inhancers such as Calf Manna, Rice Bran, Soy Oil,
Corn Oil so on and so on. I started looking for people that fed TE to ask
how much they were feeding since all the RFDTV commercials
said 4lbs daily for most horses. That was HARD for me to
believe. Went to a roping school of David Key's and saw he fed
it. He said the only horse that doesn't get 4lbs a day is his horse he
hauls to make it back to the NFR . David said he does not do well on the road so
he gets a little extra. His horses looked great and he said it's the
best feed he has ever used and has been using it for a couple of
years. Still not convinced, mainly because I had not seen anything
about feeding weanlings , pregnant mares, or lactating mares. So I
called to Weatherford expecting to talk to a sales rep. instead....I
talked with Dr Harry Anderson. He told me to feed broodmares
weighing 1100 lbs or less, 4lbs, last trimester 6lbs and continue
that till weaning. Weanlings to be fed 4 lbs daily till they get over
1100lbs. Now I was feeding last trimester mares 12 to 14 lbs of
feed (good feed) one TB mare was getting 16 to 18 lbs per day until
weaning. I did start taking pictures when I started seeing such
awesome results so take a look and see for yourself. I'm not a
spokes person for TE but I like to pass on information like this.
We have such a variety of horses in different stages of life from,
Stallion 17yrs, Broodmares most 16 yrs and older, Weanlings, Yearlings, 2yr Olds,
Horses in Training and horses we use to compete on. NEVER have I been able
to feed them all the same feed much less the amounts recommended.
Excellent Feed with Amazing Results!!!!